Court Finds City Isn't Obligated to Continue Housing Program

Court Finds City Isn't Obligated to Continue Housing Program
by Emily Jane Goodman When a group of battered women and homeless individuals and families, agreed to leave public shelters and become tenants of private but rent subsidized apartments offered by the City of New York, they expected to occupy them for …
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OPINION: College Loans, High Rent In State Trap A Generation At Home
In Connecticut, that puts a decent apartment out of reach for many young adults, said David Fink, Partnership for Strong Communities policy director. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, fair market rent for a two-bedroom …
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New lease. Utilities on. Got keys. Unfinished unit. What now?
Good Friday was Linda Richardson's date to occupy a new apartment on Houston's east side, but the day didn't turn out so well. She learned, the hard way, a cardinal rule of renting: Never sign a lease or pay a deposit for a place sight unseen.
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